About Us

Who we are:

I'm Courtney McKenna, proud owner of Newport Edge.  I started Newport Edge to inspire women to feel empowered and confident by means of their wardrobe.   Our goal is to provide quality Women's clothing at reasonable prices.  Whether it's the latest style or staple piece you need for your closet, you can indulge here without breaking the bank.  


What we sell:

We sell a wide variety of Women's clothing, ranging from the latest trends to classic wardrobe staples. We aim to bring NEW products every month to keep your closet fresh and fashionable, while still affordable.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to ignite a passion and excitement about your wardrobe with our amazing products while delivering the best customer experience we possibly can.  Our stylists are available to help you overcome any fashion challenges you may face.  We strive to make everyone happy.


Our Values: 

We care about you! We will always strive to offer quality on trend clothing at an affordable price. At Newport Edge, we take your happiness personal. If there is ever an issue or question you may have, we are here for you. Our customer care team will work with you to resolve any issues that may arise. As always, we want to hear about your exceptional shopping experience. Let us know all the details, big or small, we want to hear it all! If you have any questions or problems, we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.  

You can contact us directly at support@newportedge.com or by phone 202-868-0837.


Spread the love

We are dedicated to making you feel beautiful. Our goal to is to inspire and encourage you on a daily basis. Let us all spread the love! Be a positive sum person, do something nice for someone, pay it forward and share your story with us! Follow us on Instagram to see our stories and to share yours with us! @therealnewportedge


Prayer for Peace

Almighty God, whose love embraces the whole world,

send peace upon this earth,

that nations may no longer make war and that we may

try not to destroy but understand each other. 

Take away all bitterness and hatred from every human heart.

Grant that people of all colors, races and creeds

May learn to live together in peace and love with your guidance and grace.

May those who lead and govern us turn from violence and welcome Your wisdom and guidance in all the actions and decisions of our lives.

Come Holy Spirit and fill the hearts of every person 

God has made. 




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